Wide angle photo of Knife shop to go here, when I get it.

Here are a few pictures of the equipment and materials I use when making a knife. Just click on the photo for a larger view.

Knife Shop
This is a photo of my knife shop.
Wood, Bone, and Ivory
Examples of wood, bone, ivory, and mother of pearl that I use for handle material on my knives.
Mokume and Damascus
Examples of Mokume and Damscus I use for bolsters and blades on my knives.
In Process Knife
Example of a partially completed knife.
Mini Mill
Mini mill/drill and a vertical disc grinder used for drilling holes and sanding parts.
Surface Grinder
This is a surface grinder used to achieve a very flat and fine surface on metal parts. .
Badou Grinder
This is a Badou BIII grinder that is used to grind and profile all the parts of a knife. it is also used to grind the blades for my knives. .
Horizontal Table Grinder
This is a horizontal table grinder. It is used to grind radius curves on parts. This grinder was made by Rob Frink, of Beaumont Metal Works.
Annealing Oven
This is the oven I use to heat treat knife blades. I also use it to heat color Damascus .

Glass Studio
Knife Shop

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