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About Gordon Smith, Glass Artist

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith was born and raised in Southern New Jersey, an area with a rich tradition of glasswork and many glass factories within an hour's drive of his home. From the time he was fourteen, Gordon was developing his skills as a glass artist. While he was still in high school, he first experimented with manipulating hot glass with a simple torch and some clear glass rods that his father had bought for him. From 1977 to 78, Gordon received formal glass training in scientific glassblowing technology at Salem County Community College.

He worked as a scientific glassblower for three years. He hand-fabricated laboratory apparatus that was used by the petroleum, drug, and scientific research industries. It was at that time that Gordon was exposed to paperweights through the work of James and Nontas Kontes, owners of the scientific glass company that he was working for at the time. Simultaneously, while volunteering at Wheaton Historic Village (now known as Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center), Gordon learned how to work with hot glass in the traditional way, gathering the glass from a hot tank and then shaping and forming it with the traditional tools used by glassblowers.

Although Gordon is self-taught in the art of paperweight making, the Kontes brothers offered him valuable guidance, advice, and endless support as he learned to make lampworked paperweights. He considers them his glass mentors and shares a cherished friendship with both brothers.

To this day, he continues to learn new techniques for working glass through research, trial and error, and participation in workshops.